How do you pronounce “meme”?

how do you pronounce meme

How do you pronounce meme, as in internet meme? MEEM

Homeless Hitchhiker Kai smashes Jesus’ head in with hatchet [Video]

Heroic Homeless Hitchhiker Kai comes to the rescue with his hatchet after Jesus runs over utility worker and then tries to bear hug to death and snap a women’s neck like a pencil – Famous words from Kai: “Smash, Smash, SUUUMASH” - Somewhere in/near/by/around Fresno California.

The Success Kid, Then and Now

Success Kid Then and Now

Sammy (Sam) Griner, The kid from the popular internet memeThe Success Kid“, poses in front of his meme picture on the front page of the Boston Phoenix paper, nearly 6 years after the original photo was taken.

Yes, Yes… Excellent!

Evil Plotting Raccoon

Evil Plotting Raccoon

Alanis Morissette First World Problems

Alanis Morissette First World Problems


Rebecca Black’s “Friday” music video

Dancing Baby

Dancing Baby Meme

“The “Dancing Baby,” also called “Baby Cha-Cha,” refers to an animated 3D model of a baby and 3D-rendered video animations of that baby dancing a sort of cha-cha style of dance for several seconds. The Dancing Baby animation quickly became a media phenomenon, Internet meme, and one of the first viral videos in the mid-to-late 1990s” wikipedia

Can blind people see when they dream?

Philosoraptor Blind People See in dreams

Bad Luck Brian’s first day of school

Bad Luck Brian First Day Of School

How do I meme font?

Meme Font

What font are Internet Memes made with? Memes are made with the IMPACT font.

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